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16 Maggio 2024IDAHOT 2024. Cities where a prayer vigil will be held to overcome homotransbiphobia 
26 Marzo 2024Video> Do not sleep in the face of hatred!
1 Febbraio 2024Vota il versetto delle veglie 2024/ Vote for the verse/Vota por el versículo
19 Dicembre 2023Verse Proposals for the 2024 Vigils Against Homotransbiphobia
17 Maggio 2023The journey of vigils to overcome homophobia in Italy, Spain, France, Malta, Netherlands and the Poland
7 Maggio 2023Why is it important for us Christians to participate in vigils for overcoming homotransbiphobia?
6 Maggio 2023Drachma, catholic group for LGBT+ of Malta, celebrate International Day Against Homophobia with a special prayer meeting
6 Maggio 2023May 2023, join the vigils and services for overcoming homophobia, biphobia and transphobia
16 Aprile 2023The vigils and services for overcoming homophobia, biphobia and transphobia that will take place in May 2023
28 Marzo 2023“Whoever welcomes you welcomes me” (Matthew 10:40) Vigils IDAHOT 2023
13 Febbraio 2023Transgender history. Roots of a revolution
15 Ottobre 2022Pope Francis Tells LGBTQ+ Italian Group to Seek Church “That Excludes No One”
21 Aprile 2022VIDEO> Come and pray with us for the end of homophobia, transphobia and biphobia
17 Dicembre 2021“Blessed Parents: Experiences of Catholic Parents with Lesbian and Gay Children” published in the United States
8 Novembre 2021LGBT+ Catholics Westminster Diocesan Synodal Pathway Listening Sessions
20 Settembre 2021London’s LGBT+ Catholic community: “It only took 18 years to get asylum!”
15 Maggio 20212021 Prayer vigils in remembrance of the victims of homo, trans and biphobia
28 Aprile 2021Prayer vigils IDAHOBIT 2021. Will you join us?
17 Marzo 2021“Out of love for the truth that resides in our hearts” Open letter to Pope Francis from Catholic parents of LGBT children Italian
17 Marzo 2021No entrance controls for God’s blessing!
26 Febbraio 2021For those who are still nailed by prejudice to a cross
5 Febbraio 2021Cast your vote for the preferred verse for the 2021 IDAHOT vigils
22 Ottobre 2020LGBT+ Catholics Westminster Welcome Pope Francis Latest Affirmation
9 Ottobre 2020Good people, but blind to the plight of others
17 Settembre 2020Catholic parents with LGBTQ children meet Pope Francis
10 Luglio 2020The pilgrimage of the transsexuals (femminielli) to the Black Madonna of Montevergine (Italy)
21 Giugno 2020The Global Network of Rainbow Catholics: “There are still multiple forms of Church influenced discrimination in the 21st Century”
29 Maggio 2020“Fortunate Parents”. There is something prophetic in the pages of this booklet
28 Maggio 2020“Jonathan’s Tent”. Publishes Resources on Experiences of Italian Parents with LGBTQ Children
25 Maggio 2020Fortunate Parents: the testimonies of Christian parents struggling with the discovery of homosexual children
23 Maggio 2020The message of the Archbishop of Palermo (Italy) on the occasion of the IDAHOT
23 Maggio 2020Prayer vigils IDAHOBIT. To become welcoming sanctuaries all LGBT people and all who suffer discrimination
17 Maggio 2020Rainbow vigil for overcoming homotransphobia in Krakow (Poland)
13 Maggio 2020“You are all one in Christ Jesus” (Gal 3:28). Malta IDAHOBIT celebration 2020
13 Maggio 2020IDAHOBIT 2020. Prayer vigils in Italy and Europe
12 Maggio 2020On 17 May, Christian communities in Piacenza, Parma and Reggio Emilia (Italy) will meet online for a vigil on the IDAHOBIT 2020
11 Maggio 2020Italy IDAHOBIT 2020. Will you pray with us for the overcoming of homophobia, transphobia and all types of discrimination?
5 Maggio 2020May 2020. Continuing to watch and pray together for the overcoming of homophobia and transphobia. Because “we are all one in Christ”
10 Aprile 2020April 12 2020, Easter Sunday, Multilingual Vespers inclusive catholic ministries and LGBT groups
14 Marzo 2020IDAHOBIT Vigils 2020: the new verse will be Galatians 3,28
22 Ottobre 2019Christian Parents with homosexual children in Italy share their experience
12 Giugno 2019From “Tenda di Gionata” a booklet with experiences from Parents which has helped us understand the pastoral needs of our LGBT children.
17 Maggio 2019Vigil in Bergamo: “No to homophobia”. The bishop: “The community must be welcoming”
15 Maggio 2019Vigils in Italy, Malta, Spain and Hungary for IDAHOBIT 2019
28 Aprile 2019“You are precious in my sight” (Is 43, 1.4): many vigils for IDAHOBIT
20 Marzo 2019Fortunate Families Meeting in Florence (Italy). Catholic parents with LGBT children meet their priests
11 Marzo 2019LGBT+ Catholics Westminster meet pope Francis
4 Marzo 2019“You have value in my eyes” (Isaiah 43:1-4) the theme for the Vigils IDAHOT 2019
17 Gennaio 2019Cardinal Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, presides at Mass welcoming LGBT+ Catholics, parents and families
26 Novembre 2018Speaking to LGBT people, Bishop Semeraro said: “We accept you as brothers and sisters in Christ. This is a seal of truth that nobody can deny”
27 Ottobre 2018Papal Advisor Calls for Church to Welcome LGBT Christians First as Baptized Christians
27 Ottobre 2018James Martin: “How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into Relationship”
15 Luglio 2018In Sign of Progress, Two Italian Bishops Lead Prayer Vigils Against LGBT Discrimination
4 Giugno 2018LGBT Christian Groups European Forum: Do christian churches have the will and capacity to welcome young LGBTS?
16 Maggio 2018In Italian Catholic Dioceses to overcome the homophobia: prayer vigils led by local bishops
16 Maggio 2018In Italy the bishop’s prayer for overcoming homophobia
11 Maggio 2018From Barcelona to Palermo, a month of vigils of pray for “overcoming homophobia, transphobia and any discrimination”
10 Maggio 2017The Catholic church opens its doors to gays: parish churches hosting vigils for victims of homophobia
10 Ottobre 2015Global Network of Rainbow Catholics. A Letter to All Delegates at the 2015 Synod on the Family
1 Luglio 2015Homosexual Unions: Rejection? Mercy? Recognition?
15 Giugno 2015Father Pedro Labrín: ‘Let us take off the sunglasses: the Church is full of homosexuals’
18 Aprile 2015The journey towards 2015 IDAHOT Vigil has begun. Join us on the track!
23 Ottobre 2014Religion and homosexuality. A study casts some light on how the Catholic Magisterium has an impact on gays and lesbians and how an inclusive pastoral care can make the difference
21 Ottobre 2014Point of view. The Synod seen by a group of Italian Catholic homosexuals
16 Settembre 2014An international conference in Rome will draw up a proposal to welcome LGBT people to be sent to the Synod of the Bishops of the Catholic Church
27 Maggio 2014From Lisbon to Amsterdam: Vigils and Worship Services to Overcome Homophobia
21 Maggio 2014‘Out of Order’. How Are LGBTQ Pastors Being Accepted in the Presbyterian Church USA?
13 Maggio 2014Vigils Against Homophobia. From Italy, England, Malta, The Netherlands, Spain and Portugal
30 Marzo 2014The Prayer Vigils and the God of Little Things. Will They Be Heard?
26 Marzo 2014The call for acceptance of Roman 15:7 will unite all the vigils and the services against Homophobia 2014
3 Febbraio 2014Things Change. I was Welcomed and Now I’m a Gay Christian Walking the Path
31 Gennaio 2014They Hate Me In Vain. LGBT Christians in Today’s Russia
29 Gennaio 2014Nuova Proposta, LGBT Christian in Rome, answers to the questionnaire of the Synod
27 Gennaio 2014Things Change. Coming Out and Being Catholic Without Hiding
27 Gennaio 2014Things Change. It’s Simple: “I Love You”
26 Gennaio 2014Things Change. Living for one another, a blessing of our union
18 Dicembre 2013Things Change. Kairos, a Gay Christian Group Walking Down a ‘Path’ with Churches
9 Dicembre 2013Homophobia: It Gets Better. 15 Stories of Hope from Italy
13 Ottobre 2013Gay Catholics Write to Pope Francis Who Responds With Blessing
13 Ottobre 2013Gay Believers No Longer Sinners, but Persons
4 Settembre 2013Gionata – Italian project on Faith and Homosexuality are in search of interview
22 Maggio 2013From “No” to “Ok”. Italian Catholic Dioceses Change their Tune About Anti-Homophobia Prayer Vigils Held by LGBT Catholics
9 Maggio 2013From Palermo (Italy) to Quilpué (Chile). Italian and International Cities Hold Prayer Vigils to Remember Victims of Homophobia
3 Maggio 2013Protestant and Catholic, Straight and Gay. In Milan (Italy), an Ecumenical Prayer Vigil for Victims of Homophobia will cross the city and unite churches
29 Aprile 2013Italian LGBT Christian group ‘REFO’ invites all to prayer during the International Day Against Homophobia
22 Aprile 2013Remembering Matteo, a victim of homophobia at school
2 Aprile 2013Call for Multi-faith Global Prayer initiative to mark IDAHO 2013
26 Marzo 2013The sign. IDAHO 2013, Vigil of Prayer for Victims of Homophobia
1 Marzo 2013European Forum LGBT Christian Groups: “A call to the cardinals of the roman catholic church”
5 Gennaio 2013Another Year, Another Transition. Response to Archbishop Vincent Nichol’s invitation to the Soho Masses to move to the Church of the Immaculate Conception at Farm Street
30 Ottobre 2012European Premiere Screening of film “Taking a Chance on God” on pioneer priest in Florence Film Festival
30 Ottobre 2012“Everyone in the Church”. The Catholic priest don Santoro (Italy) practices “conscientious objection” with gays
24 Ottobre 2012Gay and Christian. The story of a soul who did not feel he was loved by God
17 Ottobre 2012The documentary “Taking a Chance on God” regarding the Catholic Church and homosexuality arrives in Italy
17 Ottobre 2012Brendan Fay. A Catholic, gay and director. My “Taking a Chance on God”
17 Ottobre 2012John McNeill, the Catholic theologian “of the liberation of homosexuals and his “Taking a Chance on God”
5 Ottobre 2012Gay Faithful and the Second Vatican Council
4 Ottobre 2012Norbert Reck. Catholic, gay and “independent” theologian
30 Settembre 20122012 Report. Christian LGBT groups and Churches in Italy
24 Settembre 2012The Catholic Church and Homosexuality. Open Letter to the Archbishop of Florence
24 Settembre 2012The Catholic Church and Homosexuality. Priests and Faithful Write Open Letter to Archbishop of Florence
29 Agosto 2012“In the love of God under the light of the sun”. Italian lgbt christian people moving forward, despite everything
19 Luglio 2012Let us remember the victims of homophobia because “We cannot remain silent”
3 Luglio 2012Gay Christians hope for church acceptance
3 Luglio 2012Gay equality part of Christian theology, ethics
17 Maggio 201217th May, Vigil of Prayer for Victims of Homophobia
17 Aprile 2012The embrace of three mothers who warmed my faith
16 Novembre 2011Blessing of hetero or homosexual people in different forms of committed relationships. Document of position of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy
13 Novembre 2011Catholic Italian Church doesn’t shut the door at homosexual believers
28 Luglio 2011Fortunate Families. Catholic Parents from the US who are struggling for a gay inclusive church
12 Luglio 2011The men and women of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups talk about themselves
9 Luglio 2011I am Gay and I am blessed. Drachma LGBT Group in Malta
19 Giugno 2011Sister Jeannine Gramick talks: “in United States there is gap between bishops and faithful”
16 Giugno 2011Homosexual Christians ask the Pope to condemn homophobia
13 Giugno 2011“Dear Holy Father, a gesture against homophobia”. The appeal of the European Forum of LGBT Christians in Rome
12 Giugno 2011Onwards and upwards! The path of LGBT Christians at Rome Europride (june 1st to 12th 2011)
10 Giugno 2011Conference “LGBT people and Christian churches in Europe: fears and opportunities for full acceptance and inclusion” (June 10th 2011)
9 Giugno 2011LGBT Christians appeal to Your Holiness to pay attention to human rights
8 Giugno 2011Fr John McNeill at EuroPride Rome 2011
7 Giugno 2011The case history of norvegian lutheran church: how to work to move from marginality to full inclusion
1 Giugno 2011‘Taking A Chance on God’ tells the story of 85-year-old John McNeill, Catholic priest and pioneering advocate for LGBT human rights
1 Giugno 2011John McNeill. Gay Pioneer Priest Will be Welcomed in Rome for Europride 2011
31 Maggio 2011From Desperation to Boldness. The situation of queer Catholics in Germany
31 Maggio 2011Daring faith, passionate lives: why European church(es) need lesbian voices!
31 Maggio 2011All ARE welcome! Including LGBT people in the Catholic Church
29 Maggio 2011Exhibition of portraits of faces and souls of LGBT Christians “My Spirituality” (1 to June 12, 2011)
29 Maggio 2011EuroPride Rome. World Premiere of the movie “Taking A Chance on God” (June 6, 2011)
29 Maggio 2011John J. McNeill: ‘Both Feet Firmly Planted in Midair. My Spiritual Journey’
28 Maggio 2011“Souls, move forward!”. Events and initiatives on Faith and Homosexuality within the program of the Euro Pride 2011 Rome
16 Maggio 2011EuroPride in Rome 2011. Homosexual Christians are moving!
13 Maggio 2011The Catholic and evangelical churches where they will watch for the victims of homophobia (12 to 29 May 2011)
13 Maggio 2011The “ecumenical” vigils of prayer, organized by homosexual christians against homophobia, will take place in parishes too!
12 Maggio 2011The sign. Catholics and evangelicals will pray together for the victims of homophobia and transphobia
7 Maggio 2011The situation of glbt christian people in eastern Europe and the case history of Metropolitan Community Church (MCC)
10 Aprile 2011On May 17th 2011 we will stay up late together praying for the victims of homophobia
8 Aprile 2011Lgbt christian people from Nuova Proposta explain on YouTube the reasons why they will be at the Euro Pride in Rome (June 1st to 12th 2011)
7 Aprile 2011Life of lgbt christian people in France and relation with churches
15 Marzo 2011Original Blessing. A Primer in Creation Spirituality
4 Marzo 2011May 17th: the organization of vigils of prayer to remember the victims of homophobia
7 Febbraio 2011“You will know them by their fruits” (Mt 7,16). The new journey of Christian homosexuals in Italian dioceses
15 Gennaio 2011The Gifts of Homosexuality
1 Gennaio 2011From Vigils of prayer for the victims of homophobia at Europride in Rome. Homosexual Christians are moving!
17 Maggio 2010Forum Italian Christian Homosexuals in Albano Laziale (Italy, 26-28 March 2010)
10 Marzo 2010The EF Co-President says ‘after the exodus and desert comes the promised land’
4 Febbraio 201017th May, Vigil of Prayer for Victims of Homophobia
23 Gennaio 2010Italian LGBT Christians to meet in Rome, 26-28th March 2010
1 Ottobre 2009Gay Dimensions to Spiritual Life
10 Settembre 2009Reflections on the Fiftieth Anniversary of my Ordination to the Priesthood
7 Giugno 2009Pride, in the name of love